Leather Treatment

Product Name: Leather Treatment
Intended Use: Moisturizing agent specially for leather
Volume: 50ml
pH: Neutral
Manufacturer: SENSHA
Country of Manufacturer: Japan

  • 1 x Leather Treatment 50ml (for approximately 12 seats) 
  • 1 x Utility Sponge Half 
  • Full-Colour Picture Instruction Manual
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Leather Treatment

Prevent aging degradation

Leather Treatment is dedicated for moisturizing and protection of leather products. The product has been developed with the aim of preventing leather products from aging degradation and maintaining the original texture of the leather products for a long period of time.

Leather products especially for automobiles are under harsh environments such as "dry", "rubbing" and "temperature differences" every day. The peeling of the skin and cracking will appear very quickly if there are no treatments and maintenance of leather products.

By using Leather Treatment for regular maintenance, you will protect leather parts and seats in your car from the peeling of the skin and cracking and obtain the natural gloss to stand them out.

Traditional leather waxes interfere with driving

In order to give the gloss for leather materials, wax is used because of convenience with great finishing. The benefits of wax are to be able to deliver great and natural luster and soft touch. Despite this, if wax is applied excessively to leather seats, the seats will become too slippy.

When brakes are used, a driver would slip on the seat surface and make troubles of operations and also if brakes are used unavoidably while sitting in the front seat, you will have a serious risk of colliding with a front glass or a handle.

Therefore, in particular, coating a driver’s sheet should not really be recommended except Leather Treatment. This product is ,unlike typical leather waxes, will not make materials slippy after an application so that it is safe to utilize the product for all the leather seats in a car.

Wax in general collects dirt and dusts, but not Leather Treatment

General leather waxes capture dirt and dusts easily because of its characteristics.Seat surfaces of a car easily gets dirt and dusts because of rubbing with dirty and dusty clothes when sitting on seats hence wax absorbs them easily. From this point of view, leather wax coating on seats would not be recommended.
On the contrary, Leather Treatment is the product to moisturize leathers by penetrating the agent into the materials to prevent aging degradation. There is a very few excessive agent on surfaces, therefore the finishing is touch smooth and dirt and dusts are very unlikely to be adsorbed.
For keeping the best condition for a long term and preventing a progression of cracks, Leather Treatment will perform its superior qualities to satisfy your demands.

Introducing usages

Leather Treatment can be used mainly for the following purposes

  • Leather seat surfaces. 
  • Surfaces of the leather dashboard 
  • Materials such as leather interior portions of doors 
  • Other leather parts


  • This product is the dedicated leather moisturizer. Please avoid to use this for other materials. 
  • Do not apply this product to the brake pedals ,accelerators and the holding portions of a handle, it may interfere with driving operations. 
  • Please engage Room Wax for glazing synthetic leather and plastic products.


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