About Us

Everything to make your car clean and shiny.

Who are we?

The original establishment of SENSHA was in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan in 1997. We research, develop and manufacture chemical products for car coating and washing, and sell our products for customers on the directly-managed online store and also supply our products to automotive-related enterprises. We are especially specialized in Car Glass Coating and would like every car owner to experience superiorities SENSHA Glass Coating can offer.

Glass Coating

SENSHA Glass Coating is the leading edge car coating technology to form the genuine inorganic glass layer on your car, which provides comprehensive protections, water repellent effect and the finest glossy finish like your car is wet for a long time. SENSHA Glass Coating has been tested by a public institution in Japan in accordance of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). Click here to know more about our Glass Coating.

Our Mission

Captivate you by the real car beauty

We Manufacture All

Car care does not mean you only wash your car, it requires coating as well. We are the only company that provides both car coating and washing products at one-stop-shop. Our products are classified into 3 categories: Coating, Basic Wash and Special Wash, and each product is "Part Specific" so that each car part has the dedicated products to be used. By doing this way, we maximize the quality of the products and cover 100% of all the car coating and washing needs.

Ongoing Innovation

We are always thinking how we can advance your car coating and washing. Our products are distributed to more than 18 countries and feedback and ideas are gathered daily basis. They will be used to upgrade our existing products or for new product developments. We are committed that we always provide the best quality products for your car coating and washing needs. We are collaboratively working with public institutions, universities and the guidance of Japan Industrial Standards (JIS).

SENSHA + You = Better Quality and Less Cost

Car detailing jobs by detailing shops are expensive, more precisely, labors are expensive. What you are charged is usually 80% of labor costs and 20% of item costs. Besides, you do not know a quality of products they use. With SENSHA products, you will be a professional car detailer or even more for your car at your home. All our products have been developed to provide the professional quality with an ease of use, so you will no longer require asking those car detailing shops for any more jobs.

Commitment in Quality and Reliability

We continuously satisfy customer requirements by focusing on Quality and Reliability. This is the main reason why we have Research and Development, and Manufacturing in house, and also supply our products by ourselves. We always provide products and services to you directly from us. At SENSHA, "Quality and Reliability" are necessary not only for the products and services offered to customers, but also in terms of variety and delivery as well as our business itself. We help you manage and advance your car condition that can be measured through visible results.

Full Product Line Up Manufacturer Direct Distributed more than 18 Countries Best Cost Performance Made in Japan