Air Fresher

Product Name: Air Fresher
Intended Use: Deodorant specially for car room
Volume: 80ml
pH: Slightly acidic
Manufacturer: SENSHA
Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Contents in the box:

  • 1 x Air Fresher 80ml (for approximately 3 cars) 
  • Full-Colour Picture Instruction Manual
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Air Fresher

Ensure a clean and comfortable living environment

In order to maintain a clean and comfortable car interior environment, a regular interior cleaning is essential as you know.

Air Fresher has been developed specifically for automotive applications to solve "smell" in a car because cleaning car interiors does not solve this issue.

we had been asked by many of our customers for a deodorant and disinfectant chemical for a car so that we had been exploring to develop a better product. Usually a car is sealed most of the time and can be very hot and humid resulting in the full of germs in a car.

However, air cleaners normally sold in shops are for normal usages, not for the very specific car environment, thus are not effective at all. Therefore, we developed the highest quality deodorant and disinfectant specifically for a car, Air Fresher, to solve those problems based on our experiences and with the cooperation of the chemical development institution.

Can also be used in environments where traditional products cannot be applied

Air Fresher can perform its quality and superior deodorant and disinfectant capability for a car, whereas also be applied for a wide range of environments; at homes and in offices.

Air Fresher can be used even at the place not exposed to lights, while typical products using photocatalyst are impossible to be used at that place. Therefore, the product is more applicable to a wide range of environments compared to other conventional products.


  • After an application, there will be a little alcohol smell whereas the smell will disappear by ventilation after a while. 
  • Please avoid to spray a large amount into a small range. Please spray with the appropriate distance to the range.


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