Bamboo Brush

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Bamboo Brush

Clean narrow gaps! Bamboo Brush for cleaning

This Bamboo Brush is very useful for cleaning narrow gaps such as around wheels and emblems.
There are many different types of cleaning brush. A grip of cleaning brush is sometimes made of materials like plastic or steel and some brushes even use hard chemical fiber which could cause damages on body surfaces.

SENSHA Bamboo Brush uses bamboo for its grip part and soft materials for brush part so that it will not cause scratches or damages to your car, use it with worry-free.

Wide range of applications

Gaps on body

There are many gaps on a car body, gaps between body and headlights/taillights, between body and turn signal lens and so on. In addition, a gap between glass and rubber of the window and gaps between panels. Dirt, dusts and water stains could go into these gaps and stick. These dirt are hard to remove with a normal sponge car wash, so using Bamboo Brush to clean them well.

Around wipers

Also areas around wipers easily accumulate dirt, dusts and fallen leaves due to its shape. You can quickly clean gaps around glasses and rubbers and also the mount parts of wipers with Bamboo Brush.

Around the oil filler port

You might have thought "I hate to touch the oil filler port... so dirty...". This is the one of areas having so much dirt and also is not frequently washed or during car wash. When dirt remains for a long time without washing, they could become rusts (corrosion). Hence, make sure to wash the are regularly not to accumulate dirt and dusts.

Around the emblems

Some contamination such as water scales easily occur around the emblems and dirt and dusts are easily accumulated because there are many small gaps and a surface is not flat. This makes car wash with a normal sponge hard to clean the emblems. Therefore, we need Bamboo Brush. Use a car shampoo such as Body Clean or water scale remover Scale Clean to peel off contamination and dirt and gently brush. You are able to remove even stubborn dirt and water scales.

Around door mountings

Hinges used for doors and a rear gate are also difficult to clean with a sponge due to its size. However, by using the brush you can well clean these gaps and small parts.


Speaking of time consuming car wash, many people think about wheels. Wheels are the place where dirt is easily get stuck and there many small gaps depending upon a shape of wheels that a normal sponge car wash is not sufficient to clean wheels perfectly. That is why we recommend to use the brush for wheel wash.


There are, recent years, many tires with grooves on tire surfaces for design purposes, it is getting difficult to wash such grooves with a normal car wash sponge. There are many cars whose tires look white due to tires not being fully cleaned. To clean such tires, an use of Bamboo Brush is very effective. After spraying cleaning agents such as Wheel & Tire Clean , then brushing carefully along grooves to remove dirt and dusts in the gaps.

Tire houses

A cleanness of tire houses affects the impression of your car. Even if you clean wheels and tires of your car, you could see muddy tire houses. Your car absolutely look better with well cleaned tire houses.

Engine room

Many car owners nowadays also care about a cleanness of an engine room therefore we offer engine cleaner and wax, Engine Clean and Engine Wax. This Bamboo Brush is quite useful for engine room washing as it can reach small spaces and gaps.


Interiors need to be kept clean as we touch them directly by the hands. There are many small gaps on interior parts and parts themselves are small so sometimes cleaning with a cloth or sponge would be harder. Then, the special brush performs its capabilities. Also using the brush with dedicated interior cleaning products such as Room Clean and Interior Stain Cleaner advances results of interior cleaning.


Please use the appropriate cleaner that is subject to which part to clean. The appropriate cleaner helps float dirt and dusts to be removed easily, which avoid making scratches on parts. Please be noted that even though you use the part specific cleaner with Bamboo Brush, this may cause scratching, if too much force is applied during work.

3 Types of Bamboo Brush

There are 3 different types of Bamboo Brush we offer so choose the once based upon your application needs.

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