Basic Cloth

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Basic Cloth
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Cost effective microfiber cloth

As we have received lots of requests, we now offer this cost effective microfiber cloth, Basic Cloth.
There are so many different types of microfiber clothes sold, and SENSHA has 2 different microfiber cloths, Crystal Cloth and Basic Cloth.

Usually, differences of microfiber clothes are classified into 3 capabilities:

  1. Water absorption capability
  2. Wiping capability
  3. Dirt removal capability

Difference between Crystal Cloth and Basic Cloth

We are often asked a question: "What are differences between Crystal Cloth and Basic Cloth?". The point of choosing which microfiber cloth to go is a purpose.

For regular use, we recommend a durable microfiber cloth, Crystal Cloth. In addition to its durability, Crystal Cloth performs better than Basic Cloth in the all 3 capabilities (water absorption, wiping and dirt removal capabilities).

So, for what applications we use Basic Cloth? The answer is that use Basic Cloth when it must be disposed after applications. When a cloth is used for wiping off long durable glass coating agents or compounds, these components get into fibers and the fibers will be cured and hardened. If you wipe off your car with this cloth, you will find fine scratches on surfaces.

To avoid this trouble, it is important to dispose a cloth after using with long durable glass coating or compounds. However, if you always use an expensive microfiber cloth for these jobs every time, a cost for a work is quite high, so that we require Basic Cloth that is high performance and inexpensive.

Summary is that when you need a microfiber cloth for long durable glass coating agents or compounds, use Basic Cloth, and use Crystal Cloth for daily car washing and coating as it has the long durability.

Multi-colours available for properly using Basic Cloth for different purposes

You can use Basic Cloth in many applications but you should avoid to use 1 cloth for both wiping off coating and wiping off compounds. When you use a microfiber cloth to wipe off compound-based products, abrasive particles of compounds will get into fibers of the cloth. You could wash to wash away these abrasive particles after use however it is almost impossible to completely wash them away.

If you wipe off your car with like this cloth, you will find fine scratches on surfaces after wiping. You should not utilize a cloth used for wiping off compound-based products for regular car wash.

Therefore, we have 3 different colours of Basic Cloth to use each colour cloth for a different propose to make sure wiping job is more reliable and secured.

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