Carpet and Seat Brush

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Carpet and Seat Brush

For cleaning interiors such as seats and carpets

How do you clean dirt adhered to the lining of seats and doors and also mud and sands caught in floor carpets? Many owners could use a cloth and very-hardly wipe them off. However, the dirt deeply intruding in materials and clotted stains on the materials are very difficult to remove by only wiping with a wet cloth.

We have the dedicated interior cleaner, Room Clean that make you interior cleaning work easy and effective. However, even though the dedicated interior cleaner is used, some dirt and stains could not be cleaned completely by wiping.

Therefore we have developed Carpet and Seat Brush to demonstrate the power to clean fabric materials of carpets and seats. As not to scratch the interiors, the grip part is made of a wooden material. Plus, the brush is made of soft materials that also avoid scratching interior parts.

This is the one of an essential item to clean your car. Please get try it.


When you utilise Carpet and Seat Brush, please an appropriate cleaner based upon which parts to clean. It helps your cleaning job by peeling off dirt from material surfaces and also reduce a chance of scratching material surfaces.

Also, please be noted that even if appropriate cleaners are used, it may cause scratches if too much force is applied when using the brush. Make sure to put an appropriate force during applications.

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