Clay Bar for Wheel

Product Name: Clay Bar for Wheel
Intended Use: Clay for removing material attached to wheel
Volume: 200g
pH: Neutral
Manufacturer: SENSHA
Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Contents in the box:

  • 1 x Clay Bar For Wheel 200 g (for approximately 10 - 20 wheels) 
  • Full-Colour Picture Instruction Manual
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Clay Bar for Wheel

Physically remove stuck substances on wheels which cannot be removed by liquid type agents

Clay Bar for Wheel is the special clay for removing stuck substances on wheels which are not be able to be cleaned up by liquid type agents.

Basically when driving, wheels turn into a high temperature and dirt tends to be stubbornly adhered on the wheels by the heat.

In the case of normal dirt, it can be dissolved by solvents. On the other hand, in some cases, those stubbornly adhered dirt, brake dust, cannot be dissolved by solvents. Clay Bar for Wheel demonstrates its quality and strong removal power for those dirt.

Example of use

Example. Left dirt for such a long time

A wheel is the of easiest places to get dirty so much. If you leave wheels without cleaning for a while, you will see stuck and serious contaminants. The more time passes, the harder to remove those dirt. becomes hard to remove. Early actions are required.

We have the wheel care products; Wheel and Tire Clean, Iron Cut and Brake Dust Cut. When you experience a problem of stubborn contamination, we recommend Clay Bar for Wheel.

Stubborn dirt which cannot be dissolved by liquid agents can be completely cleaned up with a short time, Please be careful not to make scratches on surfaces. This product is a clay so that rubbing too firmly could make scratches on surfaces.




This product is physically appled to surfaces to remove dirt so that it might cause scratches on the surfaces If scratches occur, those scratches can be removed easily by polishing with Scratch Cut If contamination has been left for a long time, they might not be removal.


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