Coating Cloth

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Coating Cloth

Ideal for long durable glass coating application

Coating Cloth has developed specifically for an application of glass coating agents. The cloth applies glass coating in the same thickness evenly to make sure there will be no coating unevenness.

Also this product is made of a very soft material so that it will not cause scratches on coating surfaces. It makes a coating application to small spaces and gaps easier to enable the precise and safe glass coating application on your car.

Disposable cloth

Coating cloth has been developed with a premise of disposing after coating work. When Coating Cloth is used with a long durable glass coating liquid, glass coating components will be in fibers of the product and the fibers will start being cured. The cloth in this state causes scratches on coating surfaces so that Coating Cloth is a disposable cloth, disposing after coating work.

SENSHA glass coating products

Coating Cloth is attached to SENSHA glass coating products to help these products to perform glass coating capabilities fully:

  • Crystal Glow series 
  • Wheel Crystal 
  • Metal Plating Crystal

We have many more coating and washing tools to be used with our chemical products, please use them together to have the best performance.

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