Coating Sponge

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Coating Sponge

Ideal for the application of long durable coating agents

Coating Sponge has been developed for the purpose of applying long durable coating agents and it is a two-layer structural sponge with 2 different materials:

  1. The base (blue part) use a material that solvents are hard to soak into 
  2. The soft and thin sponge (black part)

For long durable coating, its finishing quality can be affected by an amount of coating agent applied. When you apply coating agent with a general sponge which absorbs an excessive amount of coating agent, there might be coating unevenness, although you think you apply the liquid carefully so that thickness of coating is different from a starting area to an end point. Of course it could become an application failure.

Coating Sponge has been developed to avoid these coating failures. By limiting an amount of coating agent soaking into the sponge, it helps keep a consistent amount of the liquid applied.

In addition, Coating Sponge is disposable. When you utilize the sponge for a long durable glass coating application, the sponge starts curing due to the glass coating components remaining in the sponge so that make sure dispose it.

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