Crystal Cloth

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Crystal Cloth

Ultra soft touch ultra-micro fiber cloth

Crystal Cloth is made of ultra-microfiber for finishing.
When you use Crystal Cloth to wipe up coating agent or wax, it helps remove an excessive amount of the coating agent or wax and so that they stay on surfaces in an even thickness. This ultra-microfiber cloth prevents an occurrence of coating unevenness, and this cloth is especially good for finishing of glass coating application, while it is hard to avoid coating unevenness with a normal towel or artificial chamois leather.

"I have used so many different types of clothes, but none was good enough" If you are the same, you should try Crystal Cloth and you will understand the differences.

Wide range of application

You can use Crystal Cloth not only for finish wiping of glass coating or wax, but also use its powerful water absorption ability to wipe off remaining water on your car after car wash.

In particular, this cloth is the best cloth for glass coating application because this can handle:

  • Removal of excess amount of coating and wax 
  • Make coating components in the same thickness avoid coating unevenness 
  • Wiping off water

and glass coating application uses the all 3 actions.

In addition to using this cloth to car washing and coating, it is very useful in cleaning your home. From wiping glass windows to cleaning floors, Crystal Cloth can be used in various applications. Also you can gently buff and wipe on a PC monitor without causing scratches.

Using ultra-microfiber so detergent not needed for both wet and dry wipe

Crystal Cloth uses the ultra microfibers that is about 5 microns, a hundredth of the width of a hair. These ultra-fine fibers get into invisible rough and uneven surfaces to powerfully wipe off dust and dirt in a micro unit. Plus, with the capillarity phenomenon of the fiber there are almost no unwiped spots.

Ultra microfibers scrape out dirt!

The left image is the enlarged image of Crystal Cloth, and very fine fibers can be confirmed.

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