SENSHA Glass Coating

SENSHA Glass Coating SENSHA glass coating is the leading edge car coating technology to form the genuine glass layer on car parts, which provides comprehensive protection, water repellent effect and the finest glossy finish like your car is wet.

Unlike car waxes and sealants use an oil component as the main ingredient, the glass coating utilizes Silicon (Si) as the main ingredient. SENSHA engages the highest quality Si to form the quality glass layer because as the main ingredient of glass is Silicon Dioxide (chemical formula: SiO2) (O2: oxygen), the quality of Si is critical. SENSHA glass coating contains the industry-highest level of SiO2 without any impurities. This enables SENSHA glass coating to be inorganic, fully transparent and provide the fines glossy finish, which makes SENSHA glass coating outstanding and unique.

The performance of SENSHA glass coating, Crystal Glow, has been tested and verified by the public institution in Japan, Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center, in accordance of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). The report is available for download.

Crystal Glow is the glass coating agent specially for paint surface, and we understand that each car part has different characteristics and is made of different materials. Hence, SENSHA utilizes the technology of Crystal Glow as the base and has developed the part specific glass coating agents for each car part to maximize the performance of the glass coating:

Crystal Glow

Glass coating agent specially for paint surface

Fine Crystal

Fine Crystal Glass coating agent specially for car body

Wheel Crystal

Wheel Crystal Glass coating agent specially for wheel

Bumper Crystal

Bumper Crystal Glass coating agent specially for bumper moulding

Metal Plating Crystal

Metal Plating Crystal Glass coating agent specially for metal plating

Differences among Glass Coating, Polymer and Wax

Traditional Polymer and Wax

Polymer and wax are made of oil components so oxidization and degradation will occur. It is hard to remove dirt so that it will remain as water scale and dirt on surfaces. Also, water repellency cannot be expected.

SENSHA Glass Coating

SENSHA glass coating is not oxidized and degraded to perform its features for a long time. The glass coating layer is water repellent and has antifouling effect to enable easy car wash.

Si + O2 = SiO2

SENSHA glass coating forms the genuine glass layer when applied. It uses the quality silicon and contains the industry-highest level of SiO2 to provide its superior performances, especially the finest glossy finish.

Curing Type and Adhesion Type

At SENSHA, there are 2 types of glass coating, Curing Type and Adhesion Type.

Curing Type Glass Coating

Crystal Glow, Wheel Crystal, Bumper Crystal and Metal Plating Crystal are curing type glass coating that the glass coating layer is established by the glass coating liquid being cured when it makes contact with the air.

Adhesion Type Glass Coating

Fine crystal, adhesion type, establishes the glass coating layer by the glass coating liquid adhering to car parts.

Curing Type + Adhesion Type

The 2 types glass coating can be used together to provide the more advanced features of glass coating.

"Dantotsu" - Best of The Best

SENSHA Research and Development (R&D) concentrates on developing the Dantotsu (in English, the best of the best) quality glass coating with an ease of use. There are many good car coating products saying lasting long, high protection, enabling easy car wash and so on. However, there is a tendency that recent car coating products only focus on providing those features so that those products actually sacrifice "an ease of use". Therefore, it could be time consuming to apply or car owners are unable to use those products by themselves so that have to ask professionals for coating jobs and maintenance.

All SENSHA products are easy to use. The curing type glass coating agents are applied simply with the dedicated coating sponge and cloth and wipe after car wash. The adhesion type coating is even easier, just spray and wipe after car wash. You can glass-coat your car by yourself and everyone can obtain the same finishing and effects, no professionalism and special equipment necessary.

Excellent Coating = The Dantotsu quality finishing and effects with an ease of use

Glass Coating Features

Finest Glossy Finish
Latest Technology
Long Durability
Water Repellency
Above 9H Hardness
Easy to Use for Anyone
Part Specific Approach
Full Product Line Up

Finest Glossy Finish

SENSHA Glass Coating uses our unique method established by our R&D to form the inorganic glass coating layer on your car which is fully transparent and provides the deep and glossy finish like your car is wet. People are unconsciously attracted by this captivating gloss and like making them touch it unconsciously. You can coat the quality and deep gloss on your car by just 1 time application.

Long Durability

The adhesion of the glass coating layer by SENSHA Glass Coating is extremely high, plus oxidization and deterioration do not occur on the glass coating surface. These enable the glass coating to continuously demonstrate its effects for a long time. Also its chemical and UV resistance help its serving life.

Above 9H Hardness

Curing type SENSHA Glass Coating marks above 9H hardness of the glass coating layer to protect your car from scratches. Scratches will be on the glass coating layer, not on surfaces of your car so that value and original shine of your car will be maintained. This 9H hardness is established by one single layer of the glass coating.

Part Specific Approach

All SENSHA products are part specific. For instance, glass coating for paint surfaces is not suitable for wheels or others because they are different materials and parts. We have the dedicated coating products for each car part. We maximize the quality and performance with the understanding of material and part characteristics.

Latest Technology

Glass Coating is the leading edge technology of car coating with ongoing and continuous research and development (R&D). SENSHA manufactures all the chemical products in our factories in Japan and distributes the products by ourselves, which enable the effective information flow into our in house R&D to provide quality products.

Water Repellency

Water repellent effect of SENSHA Glass Coating allows water, rain water or the like falling on the glass coating surface to be formed into water droplets and to slip off quickly. Also an adhesion of dirt is significantly weakened on the glass coating layer, hence it prevents sticking of dirt and makes dirt to be removed by easy car wash.

Easy to Use for Anyone

Our products are particular about providing professional quality with easy applications. SENSHA Glass Coating is quite easy to apply, even for people who have never used car wax, just apply with a sponge and wipe, or even just spray and wipe. Also, you do not need asking surface preparations for shops because fine scratches can be less visible by the glass coating layer.

Full Product Line Up

SENSHA offers the full product line up to respond all needs in car coating and washing, all washing and maintenance products for glass coating are available to maintain its effects. Also, you no longer require to use products from various companies, therefore there are no compatibility issues.

SENSHA Glass Coating Reports

Tested and Verified by the Public Institution

Passed Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

SENSHA Manufactures in Japan

Crystal Glow Application

Fine Crystal Application