"Glass Coating vs Wax" merits and demerits

"What is Glass Coating?"
"Which is better, Glass Coating or Wax?"

We often get these questions from customers. There are many shops offering car wax so you know what it is but not glass coating.

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Difference between glass coating and wax

Simply stated, the difference between glass coating and wax is:

"Car wax" uses an Oil component as the main ingredient.
"Glass coating" uses Silicon (chemical formula: Si) as the main ingredient.

If we talk about "glass" more specifically, the main ingredient of glass is Silicon Dioxide (chemical formula: SiO2) (O2: oxygen) hence the pure glass is made of Si and O2. To know more about research and development of SENSHA Glass Coating, click here.

Hence, because glass coating and wax are made of different components, they are totally different. Each product has advantages and disadvantages so we compare features and effects glass coating and wax provide, and determine which product has the superiority.

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Comparison 1: Price

Wax > Glass Coating

Wax price is around from several $ to $1X so they are quite cheap. However, glass coating, even you apply it by yourself, costs you around from $100 to $200 based upon coating effectiveness and which parts to apply. When you ask a professional shop for glass coating, you need an additional several $XXX for the work.

Comparison 2: Ease of application

Glass Coating > Wax > Glass Coating

How to use wax is that, spread wax on car body using a sponge and wipe. These jobs are quite hard jobs.

Glass Coating has 2 different type of application methods, spray type or applied with a sponge. Spray type glass coating is quite easy to use, just spray it on car body and wipe. An another type glass coating is applied with a sponge and wipe, and this is done section by section to finish the entire car so that wax is easier to use compared to this type of glass coating because wax can be applied a broad area at once.

Comparison 3: Application time

Glass Coating > Wax > Glass Coating

Wax is usually applied after car wash and its application requires spreading and wiping, which are hard jobs so take times.

An application time of glass coating is based upon application methods. Spray type glass coating requires significantly less time to do coating on the entire car, and glass coating applied with a sponge takes time because coating job is done section by section to finish the entire car. However, this glass coating lasts long so re-application is not required for a long time. It can be said that the total amount time spent for coating is less than wax because wax needs to be applied frequently.

Comparison 4: Protection

Glass Coating > Wax

Glass coating establishes the high hardness glass coating layer and it protects car from scratches, UVs and other harmful substances. Its superior protection capability cannot be compared to wax because wax is not made for a car protection. Therefore, the glass coating surface performs as the "sacrificing layer" to protect your car.

Minor scratches can be removed because those scratches are on the glass coating layer.

Comparison 5: Glossiness

Glass Coating > Wax

When just glass coating was introduced to the market, its glossiness was quite weak and wax had a superior gloss effect because wax is made of oil contents so that it can make a shine pretty easily.

However, the glass coating technology has been advanced significantly, therefore glass coating is fully transparent and provides the exceedingly intense glossiness and currently glass coating provides by far more glossy shine finishing than wax. Also, the glossiness of glass coating is stated as "gloss like your car is wet".

This glossiness is the main reason why glass coating is chosen as the best.

Comparison 6: Antifouling

Glass Coating > Wax

Glass coating definitely has the superior antifouling effect compared to wax.

The main ingredient of wax is an oil content therefore they cannot avoid oxidization and deterioration. An oxidized and deteriorated wax surface collects dirt and dusts. Plainly speaking, the more you re-coat wax on wax, the more dirt and dusts will be collected and the more causes of stains and water scales will be made. It also leads to a lack of gloss on car surfaces.

Glass coating is never oxidized and deteriorated so that it does not collect dirt and dusts. Plus, an adhesion of dirt and dusts is significantly weakened on glass coating, hence easy car wash is enabled.

Comparison 7: Water repellency

Glass Coating > Wax > Glass Coating

Since wax itself is oil, it has a sort of water repellent effect. Some glass coating products have the high water repellent effect by design and some of them are intendedly not, and the water repellent type glass coating provides the outstanding water repellent effect. When you chose glass coating, whether with the water repellency or not is mainly based upon your preferences. Recent glass coating, even you chose a product with water repellency, does not cause water spots problems unless improper car washing is done (e.g. not wiping off remaining water).

Comparison 8: Durability

Glass Coating > Wax

Glass coating definitely has a longer durability than wax.

Wax is just on car surfaces so that it is easily removed by rains and car wash. On the other hand, the adhesion of glass coating is exceedingly high, hence the glass coating layer cannot be removed by just rains and car wash.

As previously mentioned that wax is made of oil contents which oxidize and deteriorate so that it cannot provide its intended effects for a long. Oxidization and deterioration will never occur for glass coating. Therefore, with the exceedingly high adhesion, glass coating will perform its features for a long time.

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About SENSHA glass coating

As SENSHA has made significant improvements of glass coating and its enhancements continuously move ahead, there are 2 lines of glass coating existing.

[1] Glass coating which establishes the 9H hardness glass coating layer to target a long durability

SENSHA Crystal Glow series establish the 9H hardness glass coating layer which is durable for 1, 3, 5 or 8 years. Crystal Glow is to perform the highest quality glass coating features in the all elements.

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Crystal Glow is the glass coating agent specially for paint surfaces. SENSHA also has developed the part specific glass coating to maximize the glass coating performances:

  • Glass coating for paint surfaces: Crystal Glow 
  • Glass coating for wheel: Wheel Crystal 
  • Glass coating for bumper: Bumper Crystal 
  • Glass coating for metal plating: Metal Plating Crystal

[2] Glass coating which is easy to use and eliminates the disadvantages of wax

SENSHA Fine Crystal is designed for a simple application, spray and wipe, and eliminates the disadvantages of wax; no protection, lack of shine, no antifouling effect, weak water repellent effect and short durability.

Fine Crystal is applied after shampoo car wash and the glass coating layer lasts approximately 1 month so that the product is applied periodically or after each car wash.

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