Mouton Glove

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Mouton Glove

Wash your car extremely gently by the 100% real premium grade mouton

The mouton is the best tool to wash your car extremely gently. SENSHA Mouton Glove is not chemical fiver, it uses the 100% real premium grade hair of sheep. If you are troubled with fine scratched caused by car wash, SENSHA Mouton Glove is the one to solve the problem. IN addition to the quality of mouton hair, its density and length of the mouton hair are optimized to clean and wash your car gently without making scratches on surfaces.

Short car wash time but your car is clean

SENSHA Mouton Glove is a glove type so that you can move and control it more flexible compared to a wash sponge as well as you do not need to worry about dropping it on a ground. In addition, usual mouton used car wash items utilize a pedestal (a base) so that the pedestal could cause scratches. SENSHA Mouton Glove does not use a pedestal to support its scratch-free car wash.

SENSHA Mouton Glove has the wide surface compared to a wash sponge to wash a car effectively, and its durability is quite high so that the product can be used for a long time.

Maintenance Tips

  • After use: Pour water into a bucket and wash off dust, dirt and other foreign matters. It is better to use a water flow to remove them clogged in gaps. Drain water after wash. Dry it in the shade with a good ventilation.
  • When you store the product, make sure that the product is completely dried. 
  • Store the product at a location not exposed to direct sunlight. Also maintain a good ventilation at a storage location. 
  • Storing the product in a car is not suitable as a storage location, it includes a trunk room.
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