Oily Film Clean

Product Name: Oily Film Clean
Intended Use: Oily film removal agent specially for window
Volume: 80ml
pH: Neutral
Manufacturer: SENSHA
Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Contents in the box:

  • 1 x Oily Film Clean 80ml (for approximately 15 front glasses) 
  • 2 x Felt Sponge 
  • 1 x Basic Cloth Small 
  • Full-Colour Picture Instruction Manual
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Oily Film Clean

Oily film removal agent with the Nanotechnology

Oily Film Clean is the glass cleaner specifically to remove oily films by engaging the Nanotechnologies.The product is engaged in professional car wash and detailing shops.

Oily Film Clean turns the hard job of removing oily films on glasses completely into the easy job for anyone. One bottle contains 50ml and it can clean approximately 15 car front glasses.

The combination of 13 different cleaning chemicals and compounds

Normal oily film removers sold in shops are mainly oil based products and/or use compounds the same as for body. Those products cannot remove oily films on glasses.

Oily Film Clean is specifically applied only to glasses to remove oily films on them. It engages the Nanotechnologies with the mixture of 13 different kinds of cleaning chemicals and compounds to completely remove oily films on glasses. It performs the quality perfection you have never experienced.

Once you apply Oily Film Clean, you will not be suffered from a poor visibility while driving in the rain.

Development story

Car manufacturers started using water repellent coatings on glasses of new cars recently. Actually, those coatings are done by glass manufacturers for car windows and they conduct water repellent coatings for both inside and outside of car windows.

Then we got a problem.

The water repellent coating done for inside of car windows causes a difficulty for our car filming department. Upon an application of car films for windows, we use a special cleaning liquid. If the glass has repellent coatings, the window will repel the special cleaning liquid and we cannot paste the car film on it. Therefore, we have to remove the water repellent coatings inside of the windows.

We failed many times in the R&D processes, however, finally completed the industry’s best quality product to remove water repellent coating for car windows.

When Oily Film Clean is applied to outside of windows, it is able to remove the oily films absolutely easily. This is because of the fact that the water repellent coating that glass manufacturers apply is harder to remove than oily films. Consequently, Oily Film Clean can easily remove oily films.

Originally the product was aimed for the removal of water repellent coating on car glasses, but the product also performs the superior quality to remove oily films on windows.


This product is dedicated to remove oily films on car glasses. It may not remove scale type stains on windows.


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