SENSHA Product Category

Car care does not mean you only wash your car, it requires coating as well. We are the only company that manufactures and provides both car coating and washing products at one-stop-shop. SENSHA manufactures all the chemical products in our factories in Japan and distributes the products by ourselves that enable us to control and manage and advance the quality and reliability.

Our products are classified into 3 categories: Coating, Basic Wash and Special Wash, and each product is "Part Specific" so that each car part has the dedicated products to be used. By doing this way, we maximize the performance and quality of the products and cover 100% of all the car coating and washing needs.


Coating products are for protections, and to provide and maintain the deep glossy shine. Specially, SENSHA coating products are Part Specific. Since a car is a construction of different materials and parts, the same coating product is not able to be utilized for different car parts unless sacrificing qualities. Coating products that can be used for multiple car parts seem very useful, however those products can only provide an unmaximized quality because each part characteristics cannot be considered deeply.

SENSHA fully understands characteristics of each car part so that our coating products are part specific to provide the superior quality coating.


SENSHA Basic Wash products are specially formulated for regular car wash. Dirt and cleaning problems are different based upon which car part to clean, hence Basic Wash products are also Part Specific to effectively wash and clean your car without causing damages.

Basic Wash products are used frequently so that by making the products part specific, the quality washing and cleaning capability are provided effectively.


There could be stubborn dirt and cleaning problems that cannot be completely cleaned by Basic Wash products. Your might rub firmly to remove dirt and problems but this scratches your car, and also using improper products could damage your car. SENSHA Special Wash products are Part Specific and Problem Specific to remove targeted dirt and solve cleaning problems completely without damaging your car.

Special Wash products are for stubborn dirt and cleaning problems. Therefore, the part specific and problem specific approach is required to provide the quality cleaning capability.