Soft Brush for Interior

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Soft Brush for Interior

"Mini soft brush" with fine bristles for cleaning narrow gaps

It is the fact that cleaning tools for car interiors are hardly sold at shops. So, this Soft Brush has been developed for car interior cleaning to clean narrow gaps that cannot be reached with your hands. It engages the wooden handle with the moderate fine elastic bristles.

Plastic parts used for car interiors often have small and narrow gaps where dusts are collected easily. The fine brush for Soft Brush for Interior has a moderate springiness to scrape out these dusts, it cleans small gaps and spaces gently and boldly. Also it is handful size that is quite easy and convenient to use for car interior cleaning.

The brush engages synthetic fibers that avoid causing scratches while cleaning.

Try Soft Brush for Interior to clean small spaces and gaps where normal size brushes cannot reach!

Examples of Use

Around windows

If you leave gaps around windows dirty, it could cause a failure of opening and closing windows. Simply use the soft brush and its brush sweep out dusts in the gaps.

Air conditioner outlets

This area is also collecting dusts and these dusts are often at a deep inside of the outlet which makes cleaning difficult. If air outlets are not cleaned regularly, it spreads dusts and bacteria when turning on air conditioning... Give these air conditioner outlets a good and clean condition to maintain a clean air in a car.

Door panels

There are lots of narrow gaps on door panels such as armrest, side pokets, handles etc. Room care will be more effective when you use soft brush and also our interior cleaning products.


A problem is that it is difficult to reach the narrow gap between the front glass and dashboard. Actually dusts on this boundary is quite noticeable when you see them from outside. That's why the professional car room cleaning even focuses on narrow gaps like this. Soft Brush for Interior can reach this gap between the front glass and dashboard where normal brushes are hard to reach, and also you can clean the air blow-off port on the dashboard. Its brush parts deploy the same length of synthetic fibers and are arranged in a starlight line that make the brush easily be inserted into gaps. In addition it is designed to be used by picking up the handle by the finger tips so that it is easy and efficient to use.

[Product Size]

Handle: Length 60mm x Width 15~35mm x Height 9mm
Brush: Length 33mm x Width 30mm

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