Step Bucket

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Step Bucket

A bucket that can be used as a step

Have you ever felt this when you wash the roof of your car or the middle of the hood:

"okay... i can't reach it"

This Step Bucket is a bucket, but also can be used as a step helping your car washing and coating. This also can be used as a storage box for any car wash and coat tools. Plus, Step Bucket has a hose stabilising handle helping your car wash more easily.

Step Bucket is useful not only for car washing and coating however also you can use it for various situations.

Examples of use

As a storage box

Store your car wash tools in Step Bucket. Also these tools are sanitarily stored with its drainer bucket.

As a step

It is sometimes hard to reach the roof or the middle of the hood, so you can Step Bucket to wash these areas easily. Withstand Load: 90Kg

As a stool

It is hard on your back when you clean lower parts of a car. Use Step Bucket as a stool to make your car wash easier and efficient.

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