Wash Sponge

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Wash Sponge

Cleaning from body to glasses, Wash Sponge

Wash Sponge is one of very necessary car washing tools. Even though it is the important item that affects a finishing of car washing because this directly touch with car surfaces, its condition and quality would tend to be not considered that much.

There are many car owners and even car washing shops and detailers who wash their cars with dirty sponges that sands and dirt are on sponge surfaces and inside. When these sponges are used for car wash, car surfaces will get scratched.

So! We would like to introduce our Wash Sponge.
Our Wash Sponge has the common gourd shape and size of 18cm × 11cm × 5cm, this is the professional use wash sponge as it hardly losing its shape.

We want to make sure that you are always using a clean wash sponge so that we offer our professional use wash sponge ALWAYS $1! Make sure you use this!

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