Wheel Wash Sponge

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Wheel Wash Sponge

Suitable to wash gaps on wheels

This product has been developed from the expertise of our staff, this is the real professional use sponge dedicated for wheel wash. Wheel Wash Sponge is to achieve "fast and effective wheel cleaning".
The front end of this diagonally cut sponge can easily go into small gaps and spaces to scrape out the fouling. You can clean areas where you have give up to clean before. Additionally, the sponge utilises the soft material so it is also gentle to wheel surfaces to avoid making scratches.

This sponge was originally developed for wheel cleaning, but once we start using this we have realized:

"This can reach small spaces and gaps easily, so convenient!"

So, also we recommend to use the sponge, for examples, for gaps between the side-view mirrors and also the air outlets, this is indeed the multipurpose sponge not only for wheels but also car body and interiors. Its diagonally shape is brilliantly easy to hold to clean a variety of areas.

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